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Dettol Porichonno Bangladesh

The Western Union brand is synonymous globally with making better happen by making

For over 50 years millions of Bangladeshi families have entrusted Dettol and the brand is synonymous with good health and hygiene. With such a rich heritage and so much goodwill, it was in a position to have a positive impact on our lives on a larger scale by standing for something bigger. Dettol needed a platform that would catapult them from a brand that provided hygiene to one that advocates a better way to live. Dettol truly believes that practicing clean living not only improves your life but that of your family and the entire community.

So we (Havas Bangladesh) came up with the motto that “a cleaner today means a brighter tomorrow” which was the rally cry of a platform that empowers individuals to have a positive impact on his or her community through clean living. The idea for the platform needed to be organically and naturally driven. We needed to trigger an inner desire to clean that everyone in a community already shared. So we chose the one thing that everyone.

To introduce people to the platform we created a digital video and a theme song that was meant to evoke patriotic values while appealing to the wider audience. We also partnered with channel I to create a 10 episode TV program to serve as a recurring and updateable point of engagement with the mass audience. The TV program played a vital role in establishing that we believed in the cause by doing things instead of just making promises. These were backed up by constant engagement on our digital platforms

Most importantly – we were able to Bring people together, giving them hope about a creating a better country for the next generation – by showing them that the power is completely in our hands to a brighter future if we start cleaning up today