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Herfy in Bangladesh

Herfy is a fast-growing network of over 170 hugely popular fast food restaurants across Saudi Arabia. This makes Herfy far and away the biggest and fastest-growing fast-food chain in the Kingdom-and one of the biggest fast food companies in the Middle East.

Now Herfy has started networking in Asia. As its continuation, Herfy has launched here in Bangladesh. And Havas Bangladesh is proud to be a part of this branding and launching. We Havas Bangladesh bought some digital campaign.

Herfy always concerns about the taste, freshness, and hygiene. So we Havas Bangladesh team tried to create an unique look and identity of the brand where both Herfy’s global character and trendy Bangladeshi culture belongs as well. At the launching ceremony, we developed some outstanding digital campaign. Young superstars have promoted Herfy in their social media platform. As a result with a small budget, it creates a huge buzz. However, after the success of launching one brunch soon Herfy launched some more branches in Dhaka. Now Herfy is one of the successful and popular fast-food chain in Bangladesh.