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Ek Desh, Ek Internet

Banglalink needed to meet the change in consumer expectations from telecom brands – From Voice to Data. Banglalink needed to re-invent itself to be viewed as a data centric, forward thinking enabler – the promised land of telecom operators – A holistically “Digital” brand. The challenge was to figure out how to (believably) change the perception of a company with such a vast and varied user group to embark on a new journey that embraces the future of the category – being the definitive solution to all your data needs.

From early onset we realized that it was futile to just talk about this transformation – simply claiming we have “gone digital” would be doing little more than lip service on behalf of the brand. Apart from undertaking the elaborate internal re-alignment that is required to execute such a massive transformation, we needed to exhibit to our community that we are committed and capable of catalyzing this transformation.

And thus, in pursuant of the ethos of “show not tell”, Banglalink decided to offer free internet to its subscribers every day from 6am till 10am every day to usher in this new era. (A nominal top up of TK 29 was required to enable the promo)

This was a unique offer in the pantheon of telecom communications – Never before had an operator decided to give out “free” data to its users every day of the week for the entire duration of the campaign.

When we imagined mobile connectivity for all of Bangladesh, it was with the purpose of providing people with a gateway to make a difference and start something new – to give the little guys a fighting chance. For this campaign we want that history to repeat itself – this time using the World Wide Web.  So we launched “Ek desh, Ek internet”.