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Bangladesh Navy has always defended our country from threats emanating on, above and under the sea and in the internal waters of the country. Moreover, Bangladesh Navy promotes and protects our maritime interests, ensures maritime governance and contributes to the diplomatic objectives of our nation. Moreover, Bangladesh Navy has played an important role in the Liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971. Bangladesh Navy has a great legacy but unfortunately, young generations are not very aware of this. As a result, Bangladesh Navy is facing problems in recruitment not getting enough qualified applicants. Moreover, this type of job is very prestigious and a great opportunity to serve the country.

To solve this problem and encourage young people to join Bangladesh Navy, Havas Bangladesh create an encouraging video which blends patriotism in the base of their mantra “In War and Peace Invincible at the Sea”

This is a quite successful campaign though Bangladesh Navy gets a huge response in their recruitment every year. Sometimes a little spark can burst a flame. Havas Bangladesh is honored to work with one of the oldest defense institutes of our country.