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Southeast bank

A Bank with vision, the vision of goodness

A Bank with vision, the vision of goodness. Southeast Bank Limited was established in this dream and a vision and aimed to become a pioneer banking institution of the country and to contribute significantly to the growth of the national economy. In Bangladesh, a competitive race is there in the banking sector. It is very important to create an identity and making a position.

Havas Bangladesh has researched and identified some important point. Service is very important for a bank. An unique advantage of this Bank can be “Customers don’t need to come to the bank for any service rather than the bank will go to the customer’s home”. Treating customers as a family member can make them feel special. By giving proper service a bank can win the heart of the customers and this could be a vital point for the Bank’s prosperity. Now Southeast Bank is one of the prominent banks in Bangladesh. In addition, Havas family is very proud to be a part of this success.