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Western Union My Ramadan

The Western Union brand is synonymous globally with making better happen by making money move more easily. A brand that celebrates love, dreams, family, and life. However, this is not the image in Bangladesh where it engages with only receivers of remittance. Western Union needed to change this perception of their brand in our country. As we started thinking about the concept of better happens when money moves – we realized that it wasn’t Western Union making the world a better place – it was people who chose to send their hard-earned money back home to make life better for their family and loved ones. This was the experience of the brand that we needed to bring to life to change its perception. And what better time than Ramadan – a when making the world a better place becomes second nature to everyone.

Our idea was to help people celebrate a better Ramadan for themselves by empowering them with 30 chances to create a better Ramadan for someone else – 30 ideas of betterment for the 30 days of Ramadan. We came up with a campaign called #MyRamadan – an engagement plan with three phases.

Share – your idea of celebrating this Ramadan by making better happen for other.

Receive – TK. 10,000 to bring your idea to life.

Change – this Ramadan into a better one for others as we help you implement that idea.

To bring #MyRamadan to life, we partnered with the Radio Today and used their social media platform to implement the 3 phase activation plan.

Each day of Ramadan, a winning idea was implemented by our team and immediately shared – serving as further inspiration for a call to entries.  The winners came on live Radio and were congratulated by celebrated RJs. In 30 days, we managed to make Ramadan better for 30 winners and countless others that they wished to help

#MyRamadan received 3000 thousand idea submissions, with digital content of the campaign getting almost 600,000 likes, 15000 shares. It also helped to get the ball rolling into changing what the Western Union brand really stands for – a fact that is exemplified by the follow-up campaign of 2018. Where the number of entries was 3X from the previous year.

But most importantly perhaps, by helping people to celebrate a better Ramadan my making it better for someone else – it helped to make the world a better place for all us; with 30 days and 30 chances to smile.